DTS Orders and Vouchers

Capstone will reimburse travel only for active duty spouses as long as the DTS ITO request is submitted as dependant travel off of the GO/FO’s profile.  We recognize that some spouses might have their own DTS profile, but for ease of use and cross org funding, we require spouse ITO’s to be from the members DTS account.

Click “Adding Dependants for Travel” to find out how to submit a DTS ITO from your GO/FO’s profile….Adding Dependants for Travel

Civilians/Reserve/National Guard/USCG spouses must be funded by their respective commands.

Local spouses (those that live in the Washington DC metro area) do not need an ITO.  Capstone reimburses travel only, and since they have no travel expenses (driving in everyday with their spouse) there is no requirement for an order.