Airline Tickets

Purchase tickets using your individual travel card or your unit CBA in the Defense Travel System (DTS). Capstone will reimburse airfare costs for active duty only.

Capstone provides all within course transportation via milair. Airline tickets are needed to arrive to Washington, DC for the start of the course, and a return ticket home at the end of the course.

Due to excessive cost, Capstone does not reimburse airline tickets from the Norfolk/Fort Bragg/Camp Lejeune area to DC. We are happy to reimburse mileage for a POV, or the amount of a 2 day rental (to and from DC).

Rental Cars

(non-Washington, D.C. area residents only)

  1. Capstone DOES NOT provide transportation from the hotel to Fort McNair or to Andrews AFB (departure and arrival of CONUS/OCONUS travel).

  2. Rental cars are not funded by Capstone but reimbursed via unit funds.

  3. Rental cars are restricted to Hertz (they are the only office on Andrews AFB, where Capstone departs and arrives info).

  4. If a rental car is not obtained, the Westin is metro accessible via the King Street stop, only two stops from Washington-Reagan National Airport. The closest metro stop to Fort McNair is Waterfront on the green line. The Waterfront stop is about 3/4 mile from our building but in a not so very good neighborhood.

NORFOLK/FORT BRAGG/CAMP LEJEUNE AREA FELLOWS: Capstone does not authorize reimbursement of flights from the Norfolk/Fort Bragg/Camp Lejeune areas to the DC area due to the extraordinary cost (>$1200). Capstone will reimburse 2 days of your rental car total cost in lieu of an airline ticket OR an airline ticket into BWI, whichever is more advantageous to the government.

Parking Map

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