Rental Cars

NDU does not offer transportation to and from the hotel to NDU.  Nor do we provide transportation to and from Andrews AFB, your CONUS departure and arrival airport.

Hertz is the only rental car agency that services Andrews AFB.  If you wish to reserve a rental car for the first few days of Capstone and the final week, please:

1.  You make your first reservation with Hertz (yes, it is probably more expensive then others).  Pickup is wherever and whenever you arrive into DC.  Drop off will be at Andrews AFB, 1200 on our departure date (noted on the below linked Hertz registration form).

2.  Capstone will make your second and third reservations if you want another rental upon your return from CONUS and during the final week (spouse week too).  Please fill out the form linked below and send to Bonnie Swanson.  Capstone will secure and track this reservation for you so Hertz has one POC vice 50+.  We will be sure your car is waiting for you at Andrews AFB upon your return from the CONUS and OCONUS trips.  Add a DTS expense of $800 as a place holder.

click here for the 15-2 Hertz, return this form to Bonnie Swanson at  We have pre-filled in dates for you…just reserve the first car, let us know if you want a rental for the dates indicated, and when and where you will drop it off after graduation.

Some of you might find it is cheaper to get another rental car and keep it for three weeks.  Been there, done that.  That is against the Joint Travel Regulations (you can’t have a car sitting unused.) 

Why all the rentals?  We can use government transportation to get you to and from the hotel, but it is all use the bus, or all use rental cars.  I can’t authorize a rental car for anyone if transportation is provided.  We have found that all having rentals, although more costly to the government, is preferred by the Fellows.  This is a unit funded expense.  If your unit won’t fund it, may I suggest you call someone on the list you know to catch a ride.